Relieve menstrual cramps naturally

alleviare i dolori mestruali naturalmente
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Knowing some good natural methods to relieve period pains can be of great help to those who suffer from them on a regular basis. Few and very lucky are the women who do not suffer from the typical cramps and pains during the menstrual cycle .
In many cases, the purely "physical" pains are accompanied by annoying migraines , mood swings and weakness that already appear in the premenstrual phase .

The phenomenon of dysmenorrhea (the presence of pain that accompanies the menstrual cycle) affects about 80% of women. Of this percentage, 10-15% suffer from it in a severe form mainly due to pelvic abnormalities.

Even in cases of severe dysmenorrhea, nature comes to our aid with solutions that are easily available at the supermarket and in pharmacies. Let's see some…

chamomile menstrual pain

Chamomile to relieve menstrual pain

Chamomile is the most widespread and common remedy for the treatment of many inflammatory manifestations and is excellent for its antispasmodic action .
The most effective way to take it, in this case, is through an infusion. Chamomile is able to soothe migraines and more generally to alleviate belly pains. Furthermore, it also has a regulating action on menstrual flow .

calendula oil relieve menstrual pain

A sweet massage based on calendula

Applying calendula ointment helps relieve pelvic pain . It can be easily found in herbal medicine and should be applied two/three times a day (or as a compress to be placed on the stomach in the evening and removed the following morning).
In the case of severe pain, we recommend taking calendula-based herbal teas which accentuate its anti-inflammatory action .
milk thistle to relieve menstrual cramps

For the subscription cycle: the milk thistle

Milk thistle is a Mediterranean plant with powerful purifying properties . It acts in particular on the hepatic system , improving by purifying the blood from toxins. This action is accompanied by the anti- haemorrhagic action and is therefore useful for regulating abundant flows and soothing muscle cramps . It is also an excellent remedy against the typical fatigue of the menstrual cycle.
light meals

Rediscover lightness with nutrition

Nutrition is a determining factor in relieving menstrual pain.
To counter the typical symptoms such as swelling, water retention and heaviness , it is necessary to replace refined foods and sugars with lighter and more functional simple carbohydrates (brown rice, boiled potatoes…). These can be accompanied by green leafy vegetables and vegetables that provide the optimal vitamin contribution to the body. Furthermore, drinking lots of water will help the body to deflate and purify itself and for a few days, alas, we will have to give up desserts, bread and pizza to find the right balance.

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