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far crescere velocemente i capelli come
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Whether it's a hair appointment gone wrong or the desire to change your look quickly, you don't have to give in to the wait: you really can grow your hair faster with natural methods.
Usually the hair has a growth that varies from 1 cm to 1.5 cm per month (at most 2 cm in the luckiest cases) but there are some tricks that can help you grow your hair in a shorter time.

To achieve the goal, one must start from the premise that, alas, miracles do not exist. Natural remedies , in fact, have real effectiveness if used consistently and if they start from good conditions such as, for example, good care of one's physical well-being in general.

Helping hair grow back means nourishing it both from the inside and the outside , paying attention to all the factors that can damage it even after an incorrect beauty routine.

healthy hair nutrition

Nourish from within to grow hair fast

Guess what is the primary key factor in hair (as well as nails and hair) care? Nutrition of course !
First of all, pay attention to foods that are too fat and too rich in sugar that cause changes in metabolism . A diet that is too oily causes the scalp to produce more sebum and, consequently, to wash the hair more often.
Try to prefer protein foods (without leading to a high-protein diet) because proteins are the basic constituents of our hair. Do not exaggerate with animal proteins which are almost always balanced by a substantial fat content and try to prefer those of vegetable origin .
A dispassionate yes for all types of vegetables : vitamins and minerals contained in fruit and vegetables (in particular Vitamin C and B, iron and zinc ) are definitely to be included and increased when you want hair with healthy and fast regrowth.

hair care

Protect with the right habits

As already mentioned, excess sebum inevitably leads to the need to wash the hair very often and therefore to treat it with shampoo and heat.
Daily hair washing is the main cause of split ends and scalp discomfort, so you should avoid treating your hair every day: shampoo once every three days (every two days if you tend to sweat a lot) to regulate sebum production and to see long-term improvements in the quality of ends and scalp.
If your hair is very oily and therefore you really need a daily wash, it could be useful to consult a doctor or pharmacist to find a treatment that will help you solve the problem. Always ask (and this goes for everyone) for products that are as natural as possible, free of parabens and silicone .

healthy blond hair

Feeding from the outside

Another fundamental aspect to grow hair quickly: the treatment of hair and scalp. There are several essential remedies for fast regrowth and below I list the main tricks that must become an integral part of your routine until you reach your goal and beyond:

  • Scalp massage : take 5 minutes for yourself and gently massage your head, from the nape to the forehead, for at least five minutes . The method is even more effective if the massage is done upside down and will have to be repeated every day. Small circular movements with well-placed fingertips will help stimulate the hair bulbs and improve circulation.
    For the massage you can use olive, jojoba or rosemary oil as a mask which will nourish the hair.
  • Use paraben-free and silicone-free shampoo and take care not to towel dry your hair after washing. Dab gently until you remove excess water for a quick dry.
  • Use a heat protectant hair spray and use a hair dryer on lukewarm heat . By doing so, you will protect your hair from heat, keeping it shiny and avoiding burning it. Use ceramic hair straighteners and, if you can, avoid using them completely.
  • Don't trim your hair if you don't have visible split ends or if they aren't really damaged. There are many natural masks (you can also try a constant use of the oils mentioned above) to try to limit the damage and let the hair grow as much as possible.
Published: 2020-03-08From: Cristina

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