Delicious homemade soft focaccia

focaccia impasto pizza cotta condimenti
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Flavio loves preparing pizzas and focaccias, especially this soft homemade focaccia. As a lover of white focaccia, he prepares it in industrial quantities to eat even the following days.

In fact, this focaccia can be seasoned as desired and is perfect to be consumed even after preparation. It will be sufficient to keep it in the fridge (maximum 2 days) or, alternatively, freeze it.

I "stole" his recipe to share it with you so…here it is!

soft focaccia preparation dough

Ingredients for 4 people):

  • 1 kg of weak flour w180-220;
  • 600g of water;
  • 40g of fresh brewer's yeast;
  • 30g of sea salt;
  • Extra-virgin oil to sprinkle the batter spread out in the pan;
  • Condiments of your choice such as cherry tomatoes, olives, capers…

Preparation of the dough:

  • Dissolve the brewer's yeast in the water and gradually add the liquid part to the flour.
  • Knead by hand pulling the dough obtained for 6-7 minutes, until the water has been absorbed by the flour.
  • Only then add the salt, continuing to knead for another 6-7 minutes. (The salt is only added afterwards so as not to kill the yeast bacteria!)

First leavening step:

  • Place the whole dough in a bowl greased with oil, cover it with plastic wrap and let it rise for 60 minutes in the oven with the light on. You can also store it in the microwave or in a place that does not experience sudden changes in temperature. Someone uses radiators to speed up leavening, but it is recommended to keep it at room temperature. You will understand that it is ready to double its volume.

Second leavening step:

  • Divide the mass into small loaves and place them in oiled trays, taking care to brush the loaves as well.
  • Cover them with plastic wrap or simply with a tea towel.
  • Let them rest for another 30 minutes.

Further leavening:

  • As soon as the dough is elastic, gently smooth it out using your fingertips and gently expanding the dough from the center outwards.
  • Add a few more drops of oil and coarse salt to insert in the small "deep ins" that you will have produced with your fingers.
  • Finally, season it with the ingredients of your choice (cherry tomatoes, olives, capers…).
  • Leave it to rise again for 45 minutes in the oven with the light on, again the dough will have to double its volume to be ready.


Bake in a convection oven at 220° for about 13-15 minutes.

This is the delicious recipe for homemade soft focaccia…
"Oh, see what you're eating!" ( Cit. Flavio )

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