Baked prawns with lard recipe

Gamberi con il lardo al forno
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There are things that cannot be explained… and the delicious flavor of baked prawns with lard is one of them. A perfect recipe to serve as an appetizer or as finger food because, let's face it, enjoying them directly with your hands has a completely different effect.

Etiquette aside, all you need is just 20 minutes of your time to devote to this great work that will leave you speechless.

Ready to get to the stove? …Let's begin!

Ingredienti gamberi con il lardo

Ingredients for 2 people:

  • 12 prawns (if frozen, to be defrosted)
  • 12 slices of thin lard
  • pepper as needed
  • thyme to taste
Preparazione gamberi con il lardo


  1. If you have chosen to use frozen prawns, defrost them and clean them by removing the shell, tail and head .
  2. Also carefully remove the intestines of the prawns, cutting the back and removing the "black thread" inside.
  3. Wrap a thin slice of lard around each prawn , taking care to wrap it completely.
  4. A sprinkling of pepper on the surface and you're ready to bake at 180u00b0 for 9 minutes in a hot convection oven (in a static oven it could take about 10-11 minutes).
    Tip: If you also have the grill mode available, don't be afraid to use it for an extra touch of crunch.

Is it true or not that these prawns with lard are spectacular?
Try them too… Enjoy your meal!

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